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Additional Information

Pick-up & Drop-off Hours:

We are quite flexible and allow for pickup/drop-off between 7am – 11pm, 7 days week, however our availability does vary (especially during the standard work week hours when we might have a commitment and might not be available for a drop-off or pick-up at certain times)

Seasonal Information:

In the summer we travel to a family cottage on some weekends. If your pup were to stay with us on one of those weekends, your pup would get to travel with us to the cottage too. The cottage community is about 3 hours away, lots of fresh air and has its own (fully fenced) dog park as well. Pickup limitations with these weekends apply. We arrive back late Sunday night so no pickups before 10:30pm, we are willing to drop off your pup free of charge on our way back if within the Ottawa area.

In the winter we try to maximize your pups exercise time outdoors when Ottawa winter weather is in full force. With weather of -20 or colder pups are not walked longer then 10-20 minutes at a time, but are taken to dog parks for 30-50 minutes to run and play. Running creates way more heat than walking does, plus dog parks are just so much fun! If you have winter jackets or booties, please bring them, we will use them when necessary.

Holiday Season:

If your pup is going to be staying with us over the holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter, Thanksgiving or any of the summer stat holidays) there is a chance they will be travelling with us to see family. Our family loves dogs and always welcome new guests. Pick-up limitations during the holidays will apply.


I love to take pictures and send them to you! While under my care I will happily send you photos and updates so you know how your pet is doing!

What to bring for your pups stay?

All you need is your pets food, treats, leash, harness and any winter clothes. For those pets that are crate trained, no need to bring a crate, we have two XXL crates for crate trained guests to use.

Contact me via email at jadziaspetcare@gmail.com

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