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About Jadzia's Pet Care

Hi there, my name is Jadzia and I love all animals!

I have been an active volunteer with the Ottawa Humane Society where I am a Level 2 Canine Enrichment volunteer (which means I walk and work with the newer arrivals and the more difficult dogs that are ready for adoption).

I used to work full-time for an engineering firm, during that time I started providing regular pet care services as a hobby (many years ago). I have since quite the office life and started my own pet care business!

About Jadzia's Pack Walks

A group of 5-6 pups hit the local dog parks with me daily. Dogs are all off leash, however dogs that are in training are welcome to start with a training lead until they learn to stay with the group. There are two pack walks a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 

About our Home & Dog Boarding

My husband and I live in a relatively central location in Ottawa in an older style bungalow. We have a fully fenced in yard and large deck for lounging and play! In our home there are no human children, only us and our fur babies! 

In our home, your pup is allowed everywhere you say is okay. We allow pups on furniture if that is the norm in your home, if not, we will enforce your house rules for consistency. We generally only accept 2 overnight guest dogs at a time, however, often there is overlap as dogs are being dropped off while others are being picked up (most often this happens over weekends). During these overlaps, we are careful to ensure all our guests get along, and in the event they do not (which is rare), we have the means to keep all our guests happy and safe through the use of gates and alternating outdoor schedules.

My husband and I are in and out of the house and very active. If your pet were to stay with us, they would be with me most of the day and taken to the dog park with my pack daily and snuggled with as if they were at home. Also, as if they were at your home they would be left unsupervised at times while we are out. We have a big window where all the fur babies like to sit and watch the outside as they await our return. We offer a responsible, friendly alternative to a boring caged kennel, we offer a true home away from home experience.

In our home we have several in-home cameras that allow us to check in on guests while we are out, this not only allows us to rush home if there is a problem, but also allows us to see what your pup is like when at home without humans.

About our Resident Fur Babies

Resident Dog: Talos is our newest addition to our family. He is a Neapolitan Mastiff/Cane Corso. Born on Ground Hog Day in 2021, he joined the family in April 2021. He's a big scaredy cat (emphasis on big). He's still learning to trust humans, but has many canine friends in his life.

About our PAST Resident Fur Babies

Resident Cats: Unfortunately, our two resident cats, Elvis & Basia have passed away. They were m mostly indifferent to visitors in our home. If they don't like what's going on, they know where to go to quietly nap, they have their own room with cat only access.  They are pretty good with inexperienced dogs and will hold their ground to teach them whose boss. A cat is always the boss.

Our handsome big man Loki was a senior Cane Corso we adopted from the Humane Society in 2018. Loki was already a senior dog, but still a lively soul. He was a big boy with a big boy bark, but very friendly with all our guest. His tushy was know as the PUPPY PILLOW, as eventually, every puppy would inevitably snuggle up to him. Although his time with us was short, he brought this home so much joy and it will never be the same without him.

Our beautiful Maggie, (a large, older, extremely calm and friendly lab/hound mix) passed away. She had an amazing power to calm other dogs down, we just loved her so much, that even though she was older with rapidly declining mobility it hadn't stopped us. We purchased a special dog stroller and after her short walks she would excitedly get into her stroller. Yes, we were those "crazy" people with a big dog in a stroller. Ms. Maggie even went to 3 days of La Machine!! We still have the stroller, and if your dog is older, they would most definitely have the opportunity to try it out.

Jadzia Szerminski

Pet Sitting Host, Dog Walker & Animal Lover!

Jim Tsiokos

Co-host & Husband


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